Architectural Desktop 3.3 (ADT3.3).Dual processor or not. Old question.

Sorry about posting this question again but I've googled and get conflicting
reports all over the place. I need a new PC. Should I get a dual processor
or a single processor? In one post, I get the statement that ADT3.3 is NOT
aware of multiprocessors but is multithreading. In another post, I see that
ADT3.3 is multiprocessor and multithreading. Help. I need a PC today. What
do you recommend?
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Did you check out Adesk's site or call a dealer?
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AFAIK, ADT 3 .3 is not multi threaded, and will not take advantage of the second processor
I ran it on a dual celeron which was dual boot on win 2k and win 98. Now, in win2k which recognised the two processors, the program was more stable and the machine multi tasked better - eg printing and drawing in ADT at the same time.
In win 98, the machine was slower, and I got more egg timers in ADT.
So the machine as a whole ran faster and better, which did have performance benefits.
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