autocad stops when i move my curser over one perticular line

I have imported a figure from illustrator into autocad and when i move
my cursor over a line of this figure when i am in a -drawing a line-
mode or mesuaring-mode, autocad gets into a loop or something.
Can anybody help me with this.
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lavenna Driepinter
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My guess is that this is happening because AutoCAD is trying to highlight a very complex object (can happen with hatches, too). In Options > Selection, uncheck both of the "Selection preview" boxes.
And turn OSNAP off unless you need it.
lavenna Driep> Help!!!!
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Bill Gilliss
This happens to me also, I think it is the way Illustrator exports curves. If it is a simple drawing I replace the offending curves... Other than that, the only way is to turn off OSNAP
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Silver Serfer

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