Digitizer Problem.

Hi There,
I have a Graphtec Digitizer KD 4030B which is in
excellent condition. I use R14 and it is when I am trying to Digitize
a drawing that I come up with a problem. Which is how to calibrate the
digitizer to bring up a drawing as a one to one.
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Fred Kingshott
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Not sure, exactly, what the question is. If you want to digitize 'at scale', then you have to mark points on the paper drawing with scaled coordinates, then simply input them that way during calibration.
Did I understand your question?
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If the original is accurate, I would complete the digitising and then scale the whole thing within R14 to make it one-to-one. If the original is not accurate, then you can only scale, stretch or whatever as needed to create an accurate reproduction.
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B. W. Salt.
I have a digitizer that may be what you need.
Please contact me
Brian CAD/CNC/Engineer snipped-for-privacy@cox.net
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node Orkney
I think you meant that for Fred Kingshott .
I don't need a digitiser, but thanks for the offer.
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B. W. Salt.

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