DWF: Autodesk a day late and dollar short

I just visited the AutoDesk website to find that they are now pushing
users towards the DWF format rather than using PDF for delivering
drawings to clients.
From my experience clients want a no-nonsense solution to viewing and
printing drawings. They want to open the drawings with a viewer they
already have and are comfortable with rather than download ANOTHER
viewer just to open my drawings. Some users have a hard time with the
whole zoom/pan concept, especially when you embed the DWF in a frame
on a web page.
AutoDesk, if you're listening, lets get some cutting edge solutions
(like 3D Studio Max for instance) and quick playing games to gain
market share. Also, please fix your DWF viewer to work with two
monitors correctly.
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Sean Doughtie
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Personally, I hate PDF. I understand it's popularity, but I hate using it. Ever try downloading a PDF on a 28k dial-up connection?
Valid points, IMO, don't get me wrong. I'm just not a fan of PDF.
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Spot on.
John B
johnbogie btinternet.com Put the "at" in the gap.
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No offense, but 28kbs....
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Sean Doughtie
None taken............we're limited by our location, unfortunately.
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You aren't limited that slow by your location. You can dial into any service and get 56k although you might get long distance charges.
Also, a satellite feed offer considerable more than that and isn't restricted by geographic location.
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Darren J. Young
Ummmm, yes, we are. You're welcome to come by and try them out if you like. Case a brew to ya if you can get over 34k over our lines. ;)
We're looking into options like satelite, etc. We have a few other issues a bit more pressing at the moment, though.
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