exploded dimensions!

Everytime I put in a dimension it comes in exploded, ie every line and the
text is it's own entity. Does anyone know where the setting is to keep it
all connected? (It's only happening on this guy's drawings, mine are fine,
but I copy/pasted a dimension line from my work and using that style it
still comes in exploded! It happens in both Autocad 14 and 2000. Only this
guys drawings though. I'm wondering if there's a checkbox or something for
insert exploded. I just can't find it. Thank you in advance for your help.
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duBBle A
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The other guy has DIMASO set to 0 or OFF. It should be set to 1 or ON.
John B
johnbogie btinternet.com Put the "at" in the gap.
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That did it!!! Thanks.
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duBBle A
Hi Arron,
You might also want to talk to the guy and make sure that his standard prototpe drawing (template) has dimaso turned on, or the problem will keep coming back.
Unfortunately, there is no way to reconnect the dimensions once they are exploded (at least that I know). Why this setting still even exists is beyond my imagination. Why it ever existed escapes me too.
If "the other guy" is receptive, you can also simply share your good template with him and replace his.
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Sean-Michael Adams
Same reason there used to be only 8 colors to choose from and no dialog boxes. ;)
Believe it or not, there are some who still prefer the 'exploded' dimsions. I'd guess that it's due to ignorance.
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