Selecting and viewing text entities

I am a technical translator and I'm working on a few drawings that have
a problem. When I search for text, using Edit / Find, AutoCAD finds the
text and shows me textual context. Then if I want to edit the text, or
see more context (e.g. graphic elements), I click Zoom, and then Esc.
In the problem drawings, I'm looking at a totally blank screen. The
location where AutoCAD has chosen to zoom is far outside the drawing
Some of the drawings are very complex and it's very hard to find certain
words by scanning the drawing, which is much more time-consuming.
There is a workaorund: if I copy all the elements in the drawing to a
completely new drawing, the text search works okay. The following files
give an example: Version_A is a small portion of one drawing. Do a
search for the word SOCKET and see where it takes you. Then open
Version_B and repeat the search. This time it should find the correct
formatting link
formatting link

The version of AutoCAD doesn't make any difference. It happens in both
AutoCAD LT 2000 and 2005. (I use 2000 more because it is more
customized, with tool bars, etc. that I haven't transferred to 2005 yet,
and I prefer the older MTEXT editor.)
Is there any way to "fix" this, and make it easier to find text, without
copying all the contents to new drawings?
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I set the UCS to *world* and the zoom to works fine. It looks lik "find" zooms accurately only while in World UCS
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