AutoCAD viewer that can search for text?

I have an acquaintance who needs to view AutoCAD drawings, but not
edit them. He downloaded the free AutoCAD viewer (not Volo) and it
works great.
However, he needs to look for text in some drawings, and he's having a
hard time finding it in some of the crowded drawings. With AutoCAD
itself it's easy, just Edit / Find / text string.
Is there any free or low cost viewer that can search for text? Or
would it be best to download and learn to use IntelliCAD or some other
AutoCAD clone?
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Steven M (remove cola to reply)
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BentleyView has findtext and is free. It will view Autocad and microstation files, though it has no editing capabilities. See
formatting link
(look under products)
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Tim Arheit
Thanks. Forwarded to the needy party.
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Steven M (remove cola to reply)

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