How widely is ADT/Revit being used?

How widely is Architectural Desktop/Revit actually being used by
architectural offices nowadays?
I am searching for information on how widely architects are using ADT
(using its true functionality, instead of simply using the ADT program
to produce drawings as in a standard AutoCAD). The goal is to better
understand how many offices have made the transition from 2D to 3D
parametric CAD, whether by using ADT or Revit (or any other similar
Does anybody know of a study on this subject? Is your office planning
to do this soon or do you keep a separate "digital model" effort (like
using 3d Studio as a presentation tool)?
I am interested in hearing from offices which have made the transition
as well as from those which tried but have not been able to get there
yet. (My perception is that the jump is at least as big as it was from
paper to 2D CAD in the eighties.)
Any ideas and comments will be appreciated. If you would rather write
to me directly, please do so.
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Raul Nobre Martins
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We are in the process of making the leap, but only where we have the fee element to justify the playing around one need to do with the package. We are getting better and quicker at creating the models, we did invest in training for two of us so that we can support each other during the learning curve.
They have been valuable in selling the concept of the building to clients that just can't visualise a 3D building from 2D elevations.
You would not beleive how long it takes to sort out the most minor but important detail at the beginning.
The first 2 - 3 schemes will really take some time, but you do learn and get quicker.
Alan (Cadalot)
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FYI, there was an article in July 7, 2004 Wall St. Journal about Skidmore, Owings & Merrill using Revit to design the Freedom Tower in NYC. "New Dimensions in Design" (Subscription required to read the article online, unfortunately)
-- Paul
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