Meet Now : HELP

Hello Newsgroup,
I would like to use this feature of AutoCAD 2000i but am having difficulty
setting this up. My AutoCAD reseller has not returned my please for help, so
I thought I would try here.
I have MSN Messenger 6.1 set up. I called a colleaugue and had her relay her
ISP number and tried launching MeetNow ... no luck.
We also tried launching Meetnow via directory :
She was visible on the directory but again, we couldnt seem to get past this
stumbling block.
If anyone out there can offer me some suggestions or help me out in any
other way, I would be very grateful.
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Phil Nolan
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If you have a firewall. It will have to be configured to let it pass. I had the same problem. Can't tell you how to fix it. I told my IT guy and he took care of it.
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