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I have a question concerning plotting in Autocad 2004. I have just been
e-mailed a set of about 50 drawings from another company that I need to plot
to my 11x17 color laser. The problem is that the drawings default to another
style printer when you go to plot them. "I have to open each one and select
the settings for each one and then plot them. Once i save the file again,
it's fine the next time but It requires a ton of time. I tried to get the
batchplot.exe utility to work with no luck. I may be doing it wrong.
Please respond to my e-mail in addition to the post if possible.
Thanks in advance
Jim Colacino
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James R Colacino
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Do all the drawings require the same settings? If so, once you have got one configured correctly, you can import those settings in each of the other files. This may not save much time directly but it should ensure that you don't forget any of the settings as you go through them. To do this:- in the first file, in the plot configuration dialogue, click on the Page setup name\Add button, give a new name and make your settings. Make sure "Save changes to layout" is checked. In the other files you can pick the same Add button then click Import. Go to the file you have just successfully plotted and pick the page name that you created. But then the page setup called sometimes works just as well.
John B
johnbogie Put the "at" in the gap.
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i will give this a try!
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James R Colacino

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