Re: Does AutoCad r12 work well with Win98?


But not with XP, in my experience. Forever getting hardware lock errors, gave up!

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Charles Sweeney
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Doesn't matter. I tried to install it and the asshole I bought it from put a 'stealth boot virus' on disk #1. Thank God for Norton. I wonder how hard it is to remove a virus from a floppy.

Charles Sweeney wrote:

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In my experiance nothing works well in Windows 98!


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Amen. The only thing worse is Windows ME.

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"cadmaster" skrev i en meddelelse news:

You are quite right, AutoCAD 12 was avaible in both Windows and Dos version, Dos was ofcaurse perfect.

P.C. Reson Dinusaurs get rusty is becaurse they are made out of steel

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