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A quick question for you all.
Is there a way to change your plot page setup in existing drawings without
having to go through them individually.
Here's what I mean. I have about 400 drawings with a page setup 11x17 which
refers to an hp1120 printer. Now we have replaced the hp1120 with an hp9800
printer. Can I somehow change all of my 400 drawings to make the 11x17 page
setup point to the hp9800 printer?
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Chuck Fluri
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You could use a batch script program like this
formatting link
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Chip Harper
how about outsmarting the software and installing an extra hp9800 (a real dog---we have one, drivers are atrocious. hp even told us to install it as a 9600 because it works so badly, but we have it installed both ways since some software works better as 9600 and others work better as 9800) and renaming it. Funny thing is that it works here.
Chuck Fluri wrote:
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Jerry G
I have to agree about the 9800. It takes forever to initialize between drawings and then the actual print time is pretty slow too, even if you have it set to it's least quality. Good idea though about fooling the software by installing an extra driver and calling it hp1120 but we still use the 1120 for a back-up.
The script idea is a good one too, I've written a script which zooms the drawing to it's limits (just for clean-up sakes) and then modifies or adds the page setup. I use Scriptpro to add drawings to run the script on. This works well but takes a little time. A good idea would be to run it at night when I'm not using my computer. Here's my script (simple stuff) maybe one of you can use it too with a bit of modification.
;------------- ZOOM WINDOW (GETVAR "LIMMIN") (GETVAR "LIMMAX") EXPERT 2 -PSETUPIN "C:/Documents and Settings/Chuck/Desktop/psetup.dwg" 11x17 EXPERT 0 QSAVE ;-------------
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Chuck Fluri
and a CLOSE at the end would be a good idea if printing more than a couple of drawings Dave DDP
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Dave Jones

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