Standard.shx and dimens.shx - where?

I'm a technical translator, and I'm working on a customer's documents
this weekend. Some of them refer to Standard.shx and dimens.shx. I
don't have these fonts on my system and my customer didn't send them
to me. I need these fonts to make sure that the translated text does
not interfere with other text, drawing borders, etc. I could ask them
on Monday morning, but I have a lot of work to finish before then.
Any idea where I can get these fonts?
(I use AutoCAD LT 2000i).
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Steven M (remove dirt to reply)
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HiHo; A google search will find them for you.
"Steven M (remove dirt to reply)" wrote in message news:
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Did that already, didn't see them. Lots of pages *talking* about them.
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Steven M (remove dirt to reply)
Ask "them" to email Standard.shx/dimens.shx from the author of the drawing.
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