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Hi all,
I'm not getting much response by asking about sheet sets, so if your looking
for info too, please let me know, as I've found some decent online videos
that help.
My question now is to ask how to set up a title block page the way AutoCAD
wants to work with the sheet sets. This obviously involves fields and such,
but I'm not sure how they are all tied in.
I'd like to modify my currently title block sheets to work, but not sure
Although very serviceable, I'm sure our title block are not set up "the
right way" and I need to correct this.
Thanks for your time,
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If it ain't broke, why fix it?
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Michael Bulatovich
just get one exactly as you want it & save it as acad.dwt in the support directory & all new drawings will always start up just the way you want them. save your profile then you can switch to it in existing drawings as well. good luck
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You have to save it both as a .dwg AND .dwt in the Support folder.
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Jude Alexander

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