Weird Cursor

Has anyone had this problem: I have a drawing open that has a jumpy or
slow-to-keep-up cursor? The weird thing is that it only happens in this one
particular drawing. It's not a computer performance problem, because I can
go to other drawings and not have the problem. Also, if I hit the erase
command, after the cursor changes to the little box, it smoothes out until
I'm done with the command.
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After messing around with the drawing, I found that after erasing everything the cursor goes back to normal. To prove any skeptics wrong about it being a computer performance problem, I have another drawing open at the same time that is 10 MB and I don't have any problem with it like I do with the one that is only 3 MB.
Go figure.
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Chances are the drawing in question is loaded with TrueType fonts. Change them to .SHX and see if the problem goes away. ___
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Paul Turvill
Is SNAP turned on? (not Object Snap)
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R.K. McSwain

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