Multi Layout - 1 Revision letter in header

I want to create one DWG document with several layouts.
Each layout must have the same revision letter as page 1.
Is there a way to only change the attribute on page 1 and
automatically changing the rest of all of the layout revision letters.
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Do you *have* to use attributes? If not, just include a text entity in your block and use REFEDIT to update the string. All copies of the block will be updated.
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R.K. McSwain
Add the revision letter to the X-Refed Title Block sheet ?
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Brian Spillane
If you have Express Tools, go to Blocks / Global Attribute Edit. This will edit all instances of a specific attribute anywhere it exists in the drawing. It will then ask if you want to process all of them, so if there were some you don't want to change, you can skip them. Steve
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Steve Wells

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