8 pound single jack?

What do you think? :)
Got a heavier one? :)
I bought a Warwood 8 pound sledge at the second hand store.
The handle was "used-up" and an obvious replacement too.
So I cut the bottom of the handle off at 13" and used a little 4"
hand grinder to shape it to fit the head and found out the hole in
the head is crooked as anything. LOL :) At this point I've got about
an inch sticking out above the head so it'll have a 9" handle when
I'm done.
Also ground away about 1/4" off the round face on one side and plan
to do the same to the other. I think a mason had this hammer in its
past life, it's beat up looking like it was used in a prison rock
pile or something. ;)
Does anybody use epoxy when putting on a hammer head?
What method do you use?
The tried and true wedges and that's it? :)
(BTDT on the spike mauls at work)
Alvin in AZ
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If you ground off the face, you've probably destroyed it. Many of these were case hardened and you've just removed the hardened surface. If the eye is as bad as you indicate you might be able to set an undersized handle in epoxy, but this thing is really sounding like a non keeper.
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Thanks for the vote of confidence. ;)
Case hardened hammers? LOL :) Heck, the sucker sparks like 1.22%C but doubt that's what it really is. Ground off about 3/16" of an inch.
And the handle is ready to go, just waiting to grind off the other face and going to use the epoxy that came with a fiber glass handle kit to fill the gap. A friend likes fiber glass handles (ick;) and I'm fixing his 16 pound Warwood head for 'em and will have enough epoxy for both. They suggest using lead shot or steel BBs as filler.
Anyway, does anyone have an "8 pound single jack"? LOL :)
I'm working my way up to "ace hammer mechanic" and fiNgued I could use it someday. ;)
Back when I worked, I used a 40oz Fairmount wedge head almost everyday, I put the butt end of spike maul handle in it, still got it. :) 8" handle. I found the head in the Mesa Maintainer's motor-car "tool house" (my new job's tool house) I was 20 years old.
"Chicken" told me it'd last me a lifetime the day I put that handle in, I wasn't so sure. We were waiting on trains at the semaphore signals just west of Dobson road. We changed out the insulated joints there and we used my "new" hammer. LOL :) Since Chicken wasn't a smoker, maybe he's still alive too? :)
Alvin in AZ ps- Hi Ronaldo Badilla! ;)
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