Scientific Americian Blacksmithing articles

I have a large collection of Scientific Americians dating from 1868 to present. I have scanned some of the article related to blacksmithing and thought I would share them.

They can be found at

formatting link
I will post more as I scan them.

Hope every one finds them interesting.


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THere is some nice files there - how to make flowers in metal... Nice gate also.

Thanks, Martin

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great find ! Looking forward to the other articles. Mags like this are so neat. It would be awesome if these mags could be archived for future generations. Does anyone do this sort of thing?

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Doesn't the 'Library of Congress' do this? Ed

generations. Does anyone do this sort of thing?

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Edmund W. Conen, III

Very interesting! But I, and anyone else not using Windoze, would sure appreciate it if you used "_" in file names instead of " " or "%20". Its just as readable and works for everyone.


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Ted Edwards

I really liked that - never expected it - now will have to figure how to read my set of all of the mags in CD format. I upgraded my software on the computer that it was on and it no longer is capable (that's a lot MS) to function.

More debug over the days off coming this month and next. :-)


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Thank you, Brad! It's great that you are willing to go to the trouble of formatting this stuff for us. It is indeed appreciated!

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Lee Cordochorea

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