Die Cast Video

People who've never been around molds should find this interesting.
People who know molds will probably have questions. I'm not divulging
much more info than what I post here. Sorry.
Here's a video of a die designed and built by the company I work at:
formatting link
It's molding magnesium nuts for the auto industry. Cycle time from shot
to shot is 17 seconds. Currently the nuts are being either stamped from
steel or machined from magnesium bar. There is still some debugging going
on. Notice the far upper and near lower parts are breaking off the runner
during ejection. They're supposed to stay on the runner and be cut off
with a trim die. The reason why has yet to be determined. The spray is a
mold release agent. The nuts are 42mm across the hex, 5mm thick, with a
35x1.5mm thread, approximately.
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Black Dragon
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It's your runner and no amount of guessing or foul language will hep you out here. I made this work 20 years ago and my "teachers" were Ed Pietrowicz and Bill Todd. Bill wrote the book on this shit.
Good luck.
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John R. Carroll
So why isn't the robot programmer going straight in and pulling it off? Damn robot is shaking like a wet dog.
Thanks for putting that up. Don't get to se diecast stuff every day.
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What are the fortune parameters that get this selection?
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I use -o and -s to generate my .sigs. See the fortune man page.
Want see some silly stuff? Give 'sex' a try. :)
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Black Dragon
Thanks for the video, cool stuff Daveb
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