halogen work light replacement lens

The lens on my work light shattered as I was blowing coolant off the work peice. Bad day yesterday. Where can you get new glass?

Light is made by Jarrer in Taiwan. It's 109.37 mm dia and 4.75 mm thick or 4.306" x 3/16" tempered glass.

I see no replacement glasses in MSC's catalog.

Thank You, Randy

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I found a replacement for mine at McMaster-Carr

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Best, Steve

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What kind of machine? Iv'e found the halogin lights suck, they are too hot and the light is too concentrated. If its a machine where heat counts, get a regular light. Or a good flourescent. They are cheap and bullet proof. Or buy a whole used light on ebay, Ive seen good ones for under 30 bucks when the haas light went out.

Or..... strap a minilight onto your optivisor. Best light in the world is when its on your head pointing where your eyes are looking.

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