Women in machine shops

I've worked in many shops(I'm a Journeyman), and have only seen one instanc
e where 2 women ran a surface grinder on opposite shifts. They ground moul
d plates(core;cavity;manifold etc.) which aren't hard to do(simple job), al
though the tolerance was within a couple of .0002" tenths. They had to lea
rn how to check their depth mics and make sure they were always spot on.

I see far more women operating back hoes etc. than I do in machine shops.
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T Rex PhD
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sure, on a big wet grinder, lots of folks use digital and dial depth mics, especially on semi thin stuff. On thick stuff people use a gage block on the table next to the parts to keep the measuring distance short.
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It's doable. When I did the taper lock bores, they had to be preferably wi thin a tenth or two(acceptable, but not what was wanted). You need to cons tantly check your depth mic and get the right feel; a light touch is needed . The reason for the tight tolerances on the taper lock bores was so that the mould maker would not have to grind each lock individually. He could d o both at the same time.
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T Rex PhD

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