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I'm going to be in Atlanta for 1 day in a few weeks and a couple of days in Chattanooga...can anybody recomend any good hobby/model railroad shops that would be worth visiting? Cheers Gene

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I'm not from the Atlanta area but I recently discovered this site which may be of help"

Kalmbach also has a hobby shop locator at:

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The NMRA may have one as well.

"Paul - The CB&Q Guy" (Modeling 1960's In HO.)

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The CB&Q Guy

Atlanta is a very big place, much larger than it appears on a map. There are three fairly good hobby shops for model railroaders, but they are spaced many miles apart.

The hobbystore locater website is worthless for the Atlanta area, so I have listed the three best shops IMO in the area:

Trainmaster of Georgia in Duluth, northeast of Atlanta

3570 Buford Hwy, Suite 204, Duluth, GA 30096 (770) 622-1811

Kennesaw Trains & Hobbies in Kennesaw, northwest of Atlanta

2844 South Main Street Northwest, Kennesaw, GA 30144 (770) 528-0990

Riverdale Station in Riverdale, South of Atlanta

6632 Hwy. 85 Riverdale, GA Ph: (770) 991-6085

Each of these stores is approximately an hour's drive, or more from the other.

There are also a few Hobbytown stores around, but I do not consider them in the class of hobby shop. If you do, they are easy to find on the internet listings Froggy,

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```````` Why do you say the locator is "worthless for the Atlanta area"? All three of the shops you mentioned are on it at:

If you feel there is insufficient info listed for them, the interactive site allows you to add any additional, appropriate info. After they check it out (and verify?) the map/shop info. will be updated.

So hardly worthless, IMO.

"Paul - The CB&Q Guy" (Modeling 1960's In HO.)

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The CB&Q Guy

! 0 ! That's interesting, as my results were quite different. I could get it to point to the Riverdale store, but it denied knowledge of any others and wanted me to furnish their zip codes. That is rubbish. If I know the zip codes, then I already know all I need to know about the shop(s) I want to visit, and so do not need the "locator".

Repost the URL and I will go have another look and see if I overlooked something.


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BEST store is Atlanta Trains in Sandy Plains. Just a customer Rob

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Rob Kemp

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