RS232 Communication

Hi All I have a problem. I developed a program in the Basic and get the data from the Digital scale through Rs232 Communication. But now i want to switch to VB. I use MScomm. Though um getting the data but it is Raw. I cann't understand how to make it understandable to use it for the useful information.

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If think you should explain your problem more accurate. If haven't used VB for years (I changed to Linux), but a hint:

- You have to know the format of he data (real value, integer value or what?)

- Endianes of the CPU (e.g. if you get data from most PLC, you have to exchange lower and higer bits, because intel is little endian and many others are big endian).

I think it should be possible, to read it in an array of bytes. Then, you can manipulate it.



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Ernst Murnleitner

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