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Can anyone help me out? I'm a 3rd year EE student with high hopes of finding a co-op or internship with a company to make my resume look better and get some valuable expierience. Does anyone have advice as to what is valuable information to have on my resume so that I can at least be considered. I feel like no companies are interested in me because I have no EE type expierience, I do have a 3.00 GPA. Anyone having any suggestions for good companies? Especially if i'm interested in communications and optics. Thanks a lot guys! Steve

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Risking the obvious, realize that the whole perpose of COOP or Internship is to gain experience starting out with nothing.

Steve, when I was an undergraduate student at Drexel University, the college arranged ALL of the COOP assignments, not always a good thing. Still, I would strongly suggest you to contact the appropriate office in your college or university, since they no doubt have far better contacts available to them than do you.

Another hint would be to check with your university's alumni office (they're the guys that hit us quarterly for a financial contribution). Learn which firms have alumni from your school in key executive positions. Start your search with these firms, since you'll likely have an edge on the competition from other schools.

Harry C.

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