Lego Pneumatic Cylinders

I'm a senior in Computer Science and for my senior project I'm
building an all-terrain hexapod. It is a scaled down model of what
will someday be a truck propelled by six backhoe shovels. With that
in mind, I'm trying to make it as accurate and affordable as possible.
Recently my college purchased a handful of Lego Mindstorm kits.
I was going to use Lego pneumatic cylinders in place of the finished
product's hydraulics. With 6 legs and 4 cylinders per leg, one on the
front, back, top and at the elbow, I'm looking to purchase 24
cylinders total.
I've found an air solenoid to use with the Lego RCX and now I
have to get the cylinders. I don't need pumps, because of the air
solenoid, and the sets at the lego education store include them.
Instead of buying a bunch of cylinders and pumps, I won't need, I was
wondering if anybody knew where I could buy individual Lego cylinders
in bulk?
Thank You for Your Time,
Jimmy C.
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lists 5 or 6 different kinds of cylinders. They are on this and the next page:
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Pitsco has a parts kit (includes hoses):
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