Missing pieces in sealed set - 7163

Hi Group,
I've just opened a new 7163, original lego seals, sealed bags inside. Start
following the instructions, open bags 1 and 2, and this is where the problem
So far this is what I'm missing:
1 sticker set
1 Clone Trooper head
1 Clone trooper helmet
1 Jedi Knight hood
1 body for Super Battle Droid
1 arm for same
1 black plate modified 1x2 with arm
1 black tool wheel
1 dark grey binoculars
1 dark gray plate modified 8x8 with grille
1 trans black windscreen 4x6x2 canopy wedge curved slope
I've double check every bag, no luck.
This is as far as I got before I started getting seriously annoyed. What
gives??? Has anyone else encountered this from a factory sealed set? Should
I get a refund or should I give Lego support a try?
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Hugh Jorgen
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I should mention this is the 1st time EVER I've had missing pieces. I got 10019 a few weeks ago and it even had the extra parts mentioned at
formatting link

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Hugh Jorgen
I've always had good luck using the missing piece report form on their web site. I usually get the part within a week, sometimes with a nice letter.
I've not seen a case as bad as yours though. I wonder how your minifig managed to have only one arm. :o
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Neb Okla
Thanks, I'll give that a go.
The minifigs in this set (the ones not missing!) had to be assembled, I've seen this quite a few times now so it didn't bother me until I couldn't find the bits.
What worries me is I've only opened the first 2 bags, so I have no idea what else is missing. I'm afraid to open any more!
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Hugh Jorgen
That's what I thought too, but the 8x8 plate is not something you can miss. I'll have to do an inventory of the whole set anyway but if I'm missing too many parts I'm scared Lego might say somthing like "Rubbish, couldn't possibly happen, request denied." Then I can't take it back to the shop for a refund because all the bags are opened!
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Hugh Jorgen
LEGO is a Danish company. In Denmark we have very restrictive laws on the process of selling things. If the kit doesn't work (and it doesn't obviously) you get another.
If everything else fails write LEGO in Denmark.
Tine, Denmark
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Tine Andersen
Never mind, I'll take it back for a refund. They have a 20% off Lego sale in 2 days time so I'll get a new set then and save a bit of money.
Thanks for your help everyone. Eric.
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Hugh Jorgen

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