Dead batteries in a brinks home safe

Anyone have any idea how to reset the code with the door shut or what the code may default to on a Brinks home safe? I let the batteries go dead. I'm not sure of the model, but the key has the number 3709 on it. Could that be the model number?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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If you've installed fresh batteries, then the safe lock should come back to life with the same combo that it had. These locks have a non volatile memory. As far as the number on the key, that has nothing to do with the safe lock or model number. That is simply a number that the manufacturer would use or locksmith would use.

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If the batteries aren't accessable from outside the safe, there should be a place for a by-pass key. Can you post a picture of the safe somewhere on the internet and the post a link here?

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Bob DeWeese, CML, CJS

I was thinking an outside battery terminal spot? touch one to 2 points and then get it open, THEn replace the battery..


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