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Talk about 'duck and weave'!. Had to do a re-key on a country acreage
property just south of here yesterday afternoon. Big sprawling homestead,
dogs, horses, cattle, you get the picture. Anyway, finished the house and
the lady said she wanted the work shed down the back re-keyed also. She
handed me the keys and I drove down to the shed. I put the key in the side
door and opened the door, then WHOOSH, a huge bush axe just misses my head,
then out from the side cavity in the wall comes a bloody great steel spike,
just missing my knee caps, and embedding it's self into the door jamb. I
pushed the door closed against the axe, which was hung from the steel
rafters by a heavy wire cable and had a 2ft chunk of railway track attached
to the bottom of the handle as a counter weight, and went up to the
homestead to 'tear a strip' off this bloody woman. She apologised profusely
as she forgot to warm me of her ex- husbands 'booby traps'. Seems this guy
was paranoid about getting his tools stolen. Needless to say I did not
re-key her fri**in shed and I put another $25 on her bill for 'danger money'
and promptly drove home to wash out my underpants.
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Steve Paris
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Sounds like what she really wanted was for you to trip the booby traps for her.
I wonder if one can sue for endangerment even if no actual damage was done. Boobytraps *ARE* illegal in many jurisdictions, though Oz may be different...
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
Steve could be liable for prosecution for not ensuring the place he was working was safe. This is just how daft some of the law is.
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That would only be true if he had an employee out there doing the work. Steve himself was put in that position... Who is going to sue? Himself?
Steve Paris v. Steve Paris. Plaintiff claims that the defendant put him into an unsafe working environment.
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This would only work if he had really good insurance. If he had regular insurance he would have been covered for underwear laundering after he paid a $100 deductible. And if he files a claim his rates double.
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Roger Shoaf

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