Mounting Segal vertical rimlock to hollow steel door?

My girlfriend just moved into a new apartment and her front door is 1
7/8" thick hollow steel, with a hollow steel frame in concrete. This
door has a combination knob/deadbolt and a 1 3/8" hole for mounting a
vertical deadbolt rimlock. She was told by the building management
that she is responsible for purchasing and installing that lock. So
that job falls in my lap.
My issue is that this is a hollow door made of sheet steel. The segal
lock we bought is good for mounting in both metal and wood doors, but
the instructions show wood only, and it comes with coarse threaded #12
My first issue is that the holes in the door, where a lock of this
type was previously mounted, are too large, and my second is that even
if they weren't (or if i purchased larger screws), a screw through
sheet steel is not a secure mount for a lock. I am thinking maybe I
am supposed to use some type of toggling anchor but the holes do not
look large enough for that. Can somebody point me in the right
direction, please?
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A 7/8" door?
That's not a door, it's a farce!
If you are serious about mounting the Segal, call a Locksmith. He is better prepared to install it, wiothout damage.
Yes, it will cost you a few bucks.
But, by the time you buy either hollow wall anchors, or Riv-nuts then drill the door & pray you don't screw the job up & have to buy the land lord a new door, it'll be worth it.
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Riv-nuts are one option, or pop-rivet an 1/8 or 3/16 plate to the door and drill and tap for machine screws. Sex bolts are also an option.
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Roger Shoaf
Go to a good hardware store and get some #8 or #10 x 2-1/4 or 2-1/2" self drill screws with wings. those will be fine for the door, shorter ones for the frame. With those you will not want to pre-drill at all, and the wings will prevent the screws from pulling out.
good luck
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I grew up in an apartment that had Segal locks and yes, the wood screws were used in metal doors. Nobody seemed to know the difference.
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There is a difference between wod screws and sheet metal screws.... Go check out a hardware store somewhere and I think you will find that those screws you thought were wood screws are actually sheet metal screws...
Evan the Maintenance Man
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Wood screws usually have an unthreaded portion, the term for which escapes me, shoulder? shank? don't know I'll think of it as soon as I sign off. The threads are also of different design. They are not really ideal for use instead of a sheet metal screw.
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these were not the classic wood screw look, but they were not sheet metal screws by any stretch either.
the point is, you have 4 of them and if you drill the hole right they can be made to work.
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