Mitsubishi Rekeying Problem

I recently purchased an older model Mitsubishi Montero for my daughter.
I need to get key made for the ignition and door locks. There were
none available. I was told that if I took the passenger side door
lock, with it's serial number and the vehicle VIN, a competant
locksmith could get the codes and cut a key. We took this information
to the local shop and the lady took the serial number but not the VIN
and got a code from the internet. The resulting key works on the door
lock, but not the ignition. She said she could "impression" a key for
a lot of money, or I could buy a new cylinder from the auto supply for
about $60.00.
This shop owner is a new locksmith and I don't have a lot of confidence
in her and there isn't another option in my small town.
Any ideas??
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Never mind. I got the key to work after pulling it out of the cylinder a little and jiggling the key until the shear line aligned. I thing she needs to raise of lower the key just a bit in the key cutting machine.
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You really don't want to hear our ideas of someone who buys a car that has no ignition key without *first* having determined how they're going to get that key and what the cost will be. Frankly, this is not a credible question and you're not likely to get serious answers.
She gave you two answers. If she's the only person within reach and you aren't willing to pay trip and/or towing fees so someone else can work on it, and you don't have a local dealer (who may just give you the same two answers for similar or greater costs), that's what you have to work with. Pick one.
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Joe Kesselman
no, probably not.. EITHER, and this is NOT uncommon. the 'key stop' in the cylinder wears down a bit, allowing the key to go in too far.. the only fix, ASSUMING the key you had made works the PASSENGER door and the trunk real good, is to get a new cylinder or at least the PLUG, and have it pinned per your needed code and installed.. the metal used for the plug has a nick name of 'pot metal', even tho its not.. probably zamak actually.. but, this lock has and gets a lot of use, and this is to me, pretty common.. older Dodge, ESPECIALLY cans, do the same thing, but they are a tip stop.. and not a shoulder like yours --Shiva--
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Thanks for the info. May end up replacing the plug. The car's cost was too good to passs up, and the title is clear. Sometimes, one needs to take a risk.
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