Intellevend 2000 - Anybody heard of it?

First off - thanks to the list for my last vending machine related question.

Since the acquisition of my vending machine I have noticed that all the vending machines in my area have a different style lock. All emblazoned with Intellevend 2000 on or around the locking handle.

To describe it looks like a tubular lock style body (though a little larger than 'standard') with an outer ring with 2 diametrically opposed notches in. The face of the lock is flat and bronze coloured with 7 silver pins evenly spaced around the outside. Sorry but thats the best I can describe it - I should rteally get a phone with a camera in so I can take a snap.

Can anybody give me any further information on this style of lock? I can only imagine that it is a high(er) security version since these are nearly always found (in my experience - limited as it is) in public areas such as railway station etc. Having said that - if they work the way I think they do - with the silver pins being depressed and turning on the outer ring I would hazard that they are less secure than standard. But then at this point I know nothing about them apart from this trade name that appears next to them.

Google produces no hits AT ALL on this name

All help gratefully appreciated.

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