Major Round Door opening....

I need to open a Major round door safe. It is not a lift out floor lid
but is hinged on a large 2 door unit. The top portion is a fireproof
box that is very similar to a Sentry in bolt work configuration except
it uses a group 2 lock and has a relocker.The bottom half is the
security box. Problem is AMSEC doesnt have info on this safe as the
serial number is in the group that was lost during the buyout. I have
never had to drill one that I didnt have the code to locate the
dogpin. Is there anyway to locate it (the dog pin) with out drilling
multiple holes till i find it??? Before the psychotic know it all
flamers start in if you seriously have some info on this i will email
you my shop phone number ( yes we are in the book) and you can call
collect. Thanks in advance!
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Unfortunately it might be one of the "psychotic know it all flamers" who has the information you are looking for. It probably would have been better for you to just say that your shop is in the book. You would get more help that way.
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These are usually a good candidate for manipulation, that would be my first avenue of attack. I also seem to remember a trick about using a hole saw to cut into the door until the pin showed itself.
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Roger Shoaf
correct on that, HOWEVER... i would think HARD on that, unless they did not want the door reused...
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