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Hello All,
I haven't been in lock work since 2001, need to get some stuff out from
under foot. I'm in north west Houston, Texas. If you know anyone here that
wants please let them know. Have: HPC code mach, (not blitzed) 3cutters,
several EZ Readers, try outs, auto keying kits, lots of blanks, some
commercial locks, some residential locks, lots of back issue Key Notes,
SAVTA, SAVTA Tech sheets, National Locksmith, Reed's Security Reporter. Too
much more to list here. Email, logcutter at ev1 dot net, for full inventory.
Price very reasonable, thanks.
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David H
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Give me a full list with prices and I'll see if I need anything. Send it to snipped-for-privacy@att.net
I'm over here by Dixie Lock and Safe off the Gulf Freeway.
I dont need the code machine but I may be interested in other stuff.
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Glen Cooper
would be interested in the Savta Tech sheets if they are old enough... I got several years back but would love the older --Shiva--
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. Too
Shiva, They are from 2000 and back. I think I was getting a set # per quarter year with my membership, really can't remember. There is quite a large notebook of them though. Also the issues of Safe and Vault Tech. They have some very helpful articles with trouble shooting and drill points. If you want more details just email me direct with your phone or fax # and I'll dig them out, quantify, and call or fax you or email back, whatever your preference is.
David H logcutter at ev1 dot net
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David H

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