Outer knob removal Arrow Lock

I have an Arrow Entry Lock Series MK11 that I am trying to change hand of lock. Instructions with lock state:

  1. Insert Key into cylinder
  2. Insert Awl or small pin throught sleeve hole and while exerting pressure, slowly turn key in clockwise direction until knob catch depresses, then pull off knob.

I have done above but when trying to pull knob off it comes part way and then hits key. Key will not come out of cylinder. Any ideas on how to get knob off?

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Bill Aggenbach
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Once you have the knob disengaged (partially pulled off to the point where it hits the key bow) you can turn the key back to the appropriate position to remove it... The key only needs to be turned when you are disengaging the knob catch mechanism, once it is released the knob is free and the key can be turned then removed from the cylinder so the knob can be fully removed...

Evan, ~~formerly a maintenance man, now a college student

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key NEEDS a quarter turn.. then the pin 'will' depress.. I take a 1/16" long punch myself, AND carry a SMALL ball peen hammer and use judiciously if needed.. IF the pin DOES start to go down, and then gets stuck a VERY gentle tap will sometimes assist. THE KEY MUST BE TURNED THO,,, ONCE the handle starts moving, the key cylinder should come with it, AND you must pull your small punch back out of the way of the little hole in the handle so it can continue to come off. IF the cylinder doesnt come along, then perhaps (this an EXTERIOR KNOB??) everything inside is corroded up.


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It's just stuck. I've had this happen several times.

Just pull hard on the knob (and make sure you don't end up on your butt). :)


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Bob DeWeese, CML

Sure it hits the key & not the pin punch?

After pushing in the retainer & pulling the knob a bit, remove the pin punch from the hole & continue pulling the knob off.

Sometimes they're a bear to pull off after being on a long time!


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