new concept in chemistry: antipodal of CFC solve global warming

I am back with CFC variant as a solution. Carbon dust of diamond dust or
graphite dust would last for only one season and have to be reapplied
every year. Maybe that is okay if the expense of application is cheap
enough and that would eliminate diamonddust.
But getting back to a CFC variant. I would like to make a case for a new
concept in Chemistry and call it the Antipode or Antipodal. It sort of
has its roots in mathematics with inverse, only inverse not to +1 but to
-1 and inverse relative to zero via subtraction. So that -1/3 is the
inverse of +3 and that -3 is the inverse of +3. For chemistry I am
calling it an antipode or antipodal.
So what are some Antipodals of the harmful CFC to the ozone layer? I
would imagine it is a molecule that has no chlorine atoms. I imagine it
is a molecule that has oxygen atoms. Can drift into the upper atmosphere
from the ground and once in the upper atmosphere will recombine to form
Now I have the suspicion that the antipodal of CFC is probably N2 or
some nitrogen molecule contained oxygen.
I am taking a new route for this Earth's 1st AirConditioner. I am
scoffing off a CFC-Variant and looking of Antipodes of CFC. I suspect it
is a nitrogen molecule that has no chlorine in it at all.
So it is not a CFC-variant but a Antipode of CFC.
Does chemistry have a better term then antipode??
Chemistry as a science often lags behind other sciences in the richness
of its concept vocabulary.
Archimedes Plutonium
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whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots
of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
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Still no answer as to how much of global warming is caused from ozone depletion allowing UV to hit the ground. And as to whether a huge percentage of the upper atmosphere is ozone whether it would eliminate Global Warming.
So far scientists are still too busy proving that Global Warming is real and not enough scientists devoted to solving the problem before it becomes hazardous.
In geography the inverse of a location is antipode.
In medicine the inverse of a toxin is antidote.
So I guess in chemistry and physics since they are so closely allied to mathematics that the inverse will be just that -- Inverse.
I am looking for the Inverse function of CFC that causes depletion of ozone in the upper atmosphere. Some molecule that plays the inverse role and which increases the amount of ozone in the upper atmosphere.
Is it some form of nitrogen-oxygen molecule? Some months previous I thought that hydrogen peroxide cargo hauled into the upper atmosphere would increase ozone.
Several months previous I thought perhaps we can mutate those microorganisms that live in the upper atmosphere to become more numerous and boost the oxygen content of the upper atmosphere by turning the CO2 there into O2.
I am suspecting that there is no chlorine molecule that is beneficial to the upper atmosphere and thus no CFC variant.
Archimedes Plutonium
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whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
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Archimedes Plutonium
I refuse to believe I live at an inverse location.
BTW Kline's Maths series are an interesting presentation of history.
Thanks again.
Pete Brown Falls Creek Oz
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mountain man
Everywhere on the earth's surface is an antipode of somewhere else.
My location is the "inverse" of a spot about 1000 km WSW of Perth.
Tom Davidson Richmond, VA
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Well one of the major concepts of mathematics is inverse and inverse relationship. Inverse functions. Many major ideas and key tools are based on inverse in mathematics. Subtraction the inverse of addition. Multiplication the inverse of division. Derivative the inverse of integral in Calculus. Inverse is a key idea in mathematics. And since Physics is a bigger science than mathematics, that inverse is key to physics. Symmetry is part and parcel of inverse concept.
So it is a sad reflection on the crass ultraconservatism of the science of chemistry that they have failed to realize that INVERSE relations abound in chemistry.
So we have a molecule CFC that self transports to the troposphere and depletes Ozone which increases global warming. We should thence have an Inverse molecule that has the reverse functions of CFC by increasing the supply of ozone in the upper atmosphere.
So far as I can tell at this moment, the likely candidate is Nitrogen and some nitrogen oxide compound.
Perhaps we can use jet airplanes as they fly to their apex and release liquid nitrogen or the space shuttle release liquid nitrogen.
Another clue comes from biology in that chlorophyll has magnesium surrounded by nitrogen atoms and the rest a porphyrin. Chlorophyll traps sunlight and making its surroundings cooler. So if Chlorophyll is based on magnesium and nitrogen suggests to me that the Upper Atmosphere is like one huge gigantic molecule of chlorophyll as a AirConditioner.
Archimedes Plutonium
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whole entire Universe is just one big atom where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies
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Archimedes Plutonium
Well done. :) Mr plutonium is a well knopwn net loon - read at your peril :)
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