Hello, I am researching superalloys and new advanced composites. I am
looking for any information about the Liquidmetal alloy, specifically
hardness, HRC will do. Also any information or links regarding other
superalloys, ceramics, composites, plastics, or metallic glass would
be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contact me about any of theses
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I am looking for any and all technicial information regarding current superalloys and advanced composites and ceramics. I would appreciate any INFORMED and qualified persons only respond, or if you can point me to a website that may be of use. Thank you
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Anderson Enterprises
The Liquidmetal equipment and process have be sold to a company in S. Korea as it was a commercial no-go in the states, a simple web search will provide all the info you need about the alloy Your other questions are so general they are meaningless. Might as well ask for a short web page about materials science.
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