Anyone biding on these "bidspotlive" auctions?

Anyone here bidding on the live auctions such as this listing:
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This may serve as a heads-up for some since the opening prices on the Hardinge
lathes and tooling for instance are very low and I'm just curious how the
process works out.
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You have not been aware of the discussion about these non-ebay non-auctions that has been in progress here lately. I think the consensus was that
a) whoever is listing these on ebay is doing the worst possible job of describing the exact item that is for sale,
b) based on the poor accounting practices there's probably a less than 25% chance you would actually get the thing you thing you are bidding on if you did bid,
c) you can't bid through ebay,
d) the prices on those auctions as listed on ebay have no meaning whatsoever,
e) you have to pay a buyer's premium on top of that if you read the fine print,
f) the 'seller' has no ebay feedback rating at all.
Basically, unless everyone here is lying, we are staying away from that nonsense in droves.
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Oh, no. I have no doubt you'd get what you bid on. And you'll be able to find out exactly what it was you were bidding on when you pick it up after the auction is over.
One other thing that may not have been clear to the OP is that the online bidders are competing against the folks at a live auction.
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