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and I think I just blocked you, remove in gary
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Gary Owens
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Just got a new laptop with Windows vista and the Microsoft Mail program that
replaced Outlook Express. Anybody know how to block a sender on newsgroups
with this new program? I don't see that option displayed under "Tools".
Garrett Fulton
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Thanks Gary. That worked. Cliff is back where he belongs now.
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Download and use Mozilla Thunderbird . I'm surprised you've managed to post to a newsgroup with Windows Mail ... I was never able to resolve all the conflicts . -- Snag , but then I'm not all that computer literate either .
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Terry Coombs
I have XP, and in mine, it isn't under Tools, but rather Message. There's also a wonderful little category up there called Help. Just go to Index and type in Block Sender, and it's amazing the stuff they have in there............
Steve ;-)
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