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Anybody have dc-ac 4000 watt converter?
Perhaps Igor or Noble?
I can arrange shipping
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daniel peterman
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I have nothing of the sort, maybe Gunner does.
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Not a one. I can probably go the other way..AC to DC. Well..Ive a 6500 watt Heart..but Im keeping that for myself
Frys will be running their after Christmas sales next week..and based on the numbers of inverters they have been pushing this Christmas...some good deals should be available.
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well, do you mean 12VDC to 120VAC 60 hz, or do you mean 28VDC to 115VAC 400 hz or what? I probably don't have what you need, but a few more details might help - and you do understand that 4 KW at 12V is more than 350 amps, right?
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William Noble

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