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This bandsaw is still sold by MSC for $1,400. I believe that it is the same as my Wilton 3410. The seller wants $1,499.99 for it.

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Yeah, but it's "vintage 1999". You can't just go out and buy those anymore.


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Jon Danniken

Iggy, offer him a nice new $100 bill see if he bites ;-0

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You mean he wants $2,499.99 for it? (Or has he bumped the price because too many people from here looked at the auction? :-)

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

No, it is my fault, I mistyped the price, it is $2,499.

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this post reminds me - I need to find a non-ebay venue for selling stuff

- their latest gambit is to require access to your credit card or debit card in case a buyer wants a refund - access to paypal, which they already have is not adequate, apparently.

So, what other venues (yes, I know about Craigs list) have you-all found fruitful?

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None that I know of, and I would love to find an alternative.

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I think I was cheated. I recently bought a similar saw, vintage

3/2005 for $600, I should have paid the premium for a 1999 model.

Unfortunately, Oz used prices are higher than American because there is not the quantity of used machines available, especially here in W A which has not had a large industrial base.


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At a local pawn shop they had a dirty, well used Grizzly band saw with a sold sign, and a tag with a price of $1200. At the time Grizzly' list price on the saw was $995.


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The purchaser probably just prices a shiny new SaurStop and thought that was a good deal for the Griz.

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Larry Jaques

may hae lied about the sale price or fact of sale.

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