Looking for Parker Drill Press Feed Units

I can't believe I'm going to ask this... But I need to find 16+ Parker /
Schrader-Bellows drill press self-feed attachments.
I have a dealer who sells a lot of our equipment who has a customer who
specifically requested this product.
Anyone know of a source since Parker apparently doesn't make them any
Parker B12112814 009.0"
540 degree rotation
HydroChek B17111014
If any of you scrap guys have 'em or if anyone knows of a source for them,
I'll gladly put you or your source directly in touch with the customer or
the dealer, depending on what my friend wants done.
I'd *LOVE* to sell him my equipment, but for some reason, his customer is
stuck in a 1940's mentality where these old machines are "better and more
efficient" for what they do. ...Go figure...
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