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has anyone on this group done any model gas or steam engine building or is this group more inclined for large machine repairing? I am new here as I kinda stumbled here by following some one else. By profession I was an automotive mechanic for 17 years, then got introduced to buildign and boiler room maintenance and repairs, So have spent my last 30 working years as a Power Engineer 3rd class

I had my own small basement machine shop with engine lathe, mill, floor mounted drill press and power hacksaw and cupboards full of accessories and hand tools.

My hobbies back then were building astronomical telescopes and model steam and gas engines.

I sold my house 6 years ago and now live in an apartment so had to sell all my machine tools, My other hobby for many years has been building and repairing desktop computers for family and friends.


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has anyone on this group done any model gas or steam engine building or is this group more inclined for large machine repairing? ....

I'd like to make a model engine, perhaps a radial or a Stirling generator but so far making special tools, repairs and building larger useful rather than model machinery have taken priority. This afternoon I finished cleaning up from a project that began last October when two large oaks blew down in my yard. I have a home made sawmill to cut dead or fallen trees into lumber but it was built when they were smaller, the largest 12' long log weighed

2130 Lbs and I had to build a portable overhead gantry hoist to lift, move and rotate it near where it fell, then upgrade the sawmill, and finally cut boards and timber-framing beams.

The only model engine work I recall, and I've been here since the early

90's, was a Canadian who built a model Merlin and needed help with the hunting gear ratios.
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Jim Wilkins

Here is a photo of the last one I built

formatting link

I designed this one from scratch and machined it from aluminum bar stock; including the carburetor, the only parts I didn't make were the 2 crankshaft ball bearings, the glow plug and the Allen screws.

It is a .60 cu inch disp. engine and burns Alcohol, nitro and 2 stroke oil mix.

It idles at 1700 RPM and drives a 12 inch 6 pitch 2 blade wood prop at

12,000 RPM


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"Jim Wilkins" on Wed, 1 Sep 2021 22:39:46 -0400 typed in rec.crafts.metalworking the following:

Somewhere around here I have plans for a steam powered model Aeroplane, design from before The War. "Some day ..." maybe.

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