More Metal Vendor Xometry vs. Midwest

As you know I'm always checking materials price, availability, and processing time.

I was about to place an order for some steel from Midwest when I remembered Xometry is sometimes competitive with Midwest at the single piece price level. For multiple pieces the same Midwest is always cheaper. Anyway, I was about to place an order for 4 72inch pieces (all different dimensions) from Midwest and just hunker down for the long wait when I decided to plug in the same parts at Xometry.

They were 13 dollars more expensive for the stock and 28 dollars less expensive on shipping. Once I found where to plug in the discount code shown on their website ( XS-12148 ) for ten percent off the material was only $2 more expensive than Midwest.

Now here is the kicker, the advertised processing time from Xometry is ONE (1) day. I have ordered from them maybe 8-10 times in the past, and my experience has been their time to process and ship and order is ONE (1) day. Often if I order earlier in the day its processed THE SAME DAY. Its late in the day so I expect my order will be processed on Monday.

Net total Midwest 170.59 Claimed processing time is 2-3 days. Last actual was 7 business days - 11 calendar days.

Net total Xometry 132.36 Claimed processing time is 1 business day. Last actual time was 1 business day.

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