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With the influx of the "Hydro Flyer" craft these days,I decided to buy one complete from a vendor called Trend Times. What a rip off! Missing parts,cheap quality kit cutting,no construction details etc! Any attempt to rectify all these matters with the vendor have failed.They won't reply to any emails! Paid $399.00 for a piece of cheap junk! I've now ordered a "Miss Hydro One" from Red's hangar one! All the reviews rate this one highly! Serves me right I guess! "Buyer Beware"

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You have bought 2 rip offs of Mike Connally's Miss HydroFoam. Mike and Ernest had a good idea for a plane the floats but had the bad idea of sharing it on RC Groups and it was stolen from them. They have sold the idea(to the air hog people?). I'll wait for the real thing. mk aka: Mike Kolodziej Hamilton TX

ps: this has been hotly debated elsewhere and I'm ready for flames mk

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Then you'll have been waiting a hell of a long time. If Mike had got off his backside and brought a kit to market instead of moaning endlessly about how he'dbeen ripped off by all and sundry, by now he'd have a pile of happy customers - there are hundreds of people like you who want to buy the "real thing" but (last time I checked) he still hasn't got anything onto hobby store shelves.

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NO ONE has been ripped off. Sure , Mike Conally built a flying hydroplane. Do you think that was an original idea on Mikes part ? It certainly is not. They have been built before , just not publicized the way Mikes was. Had no internet to share it on when I built one back in the late 80's. It certainly didn't fly like the present ones but it did fly. I also built a few other odd flying things. I'm sure if I had kittted them some would have sold rather well , especially with a medium such as RC Groups to advertise on. Were they original ideas...No . Maybe I thought they were at the time but they were not.

If Mike had got off his butt and released a kit instead of plastering information all over RC Groups he would have got some of the initial business , but , he didn't. He had only built the one model.

Mike can still kit the thing and sell it. It's not like Red's Hobbies now has a monopoly since he jumped in there and kitted one.

If you're waiting for Mike Conally's 'real thing' , you may be waiting a while. Red's "Miss Hangar One" is the real thing , just not Mike's design. It's a very high quailty kit , beautifully cut , complete hardware set and a great instruction manual. Originally sold for 49.00 , think it's now 59.00 which is still a Very good deal , in my opinion. Mikes boat looks very good , but personally , I like "Miss Hangar One" better than what I have seen of Mike Conally's boat.

You can't dangle bait out there like Mike did and expect everyone to wait for his become a reality. He did a very good job of publicizing and creating a demand for a flying boat , but so far that's all he's done. It's up for grabs.

How does that old saying go..... "***t or get off the pot" ?

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Ladder. "Paint, or get off the ladder."

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