Onan DJE generator update (Sunday 2)

Metalworkers and woodworkers may be interested in the cushioned
carriage that I built for this generator.
See here:
formatting link

Some closeups reveal detais on how it is mounted. Basically everything
where there is a tearing sort of stress, is bolted.
The generator runs great, although it is missing the shutoff switch. I
switch it off by hand by pressing on the fuel shutoff lever. I ordered
a new solenoid from an FW Murphy dealer and hope to get one on Monday
and screw around with it. The pleasant surprise is that, even in its
current shape, it is basically not very loud, not louder than my
snowblower. I will run both tomorrow and compare to know for sure.
So, with some extra soundproofing, I may end up with something nice
When it runs, the top platform vibrates a lot, the bottom one vibrates
a lot less. I plan on having it lifted off the ground a bit, like on
blocks, for the final installation. I can move it about and turn it by
lifting one side. Thanks to all my deadlift exercises.
I will give the genset a good load test tomorrow and will build the
electrical panel.
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Put a steering wheel, a seat, and an electric motor to drive one of the wheels and you will have yourself a hybrid automobile!
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Did you get my Email RE. the starter motor? Ken.
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Ken Davey
Ken, I did not see your email, and I am interested. Maybe some spam filters interfered. Could you resend it to ichudov @ algebra DOT com and ichudov AT yahoo DOT com, thanks a lot!
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Looks good. I found that epoxy paint makes a good water-proofer on wood and should hold up to oil as well.
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Martin Riddle
I think you are onto something here, but I think you should remove the tires on the small wheels, replacing them with a ridged belt between the front and rear wheels. Then using 4 rheostat controlled starter motors 2 running in opposite direction into a clutch attached to a wheel on each side. Now just add some armor plate and you could sell them to Rumsfield for use in Iraq.
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James Baber

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