Parting out my SB 9"--anyone looking for parts?

All right, I'm turning my attention toward something that needs less work,
parts, and $$ tossed at it. I have a basic SB9 model B (changegears with power
X-feed) that's going to go in pieces. Covered with some really thick red paint,
but seems to be in OK shape. Haven't given it a real complete check for wear or
damage. No bench, drive, extra gears, or oiler parts. The compound, geartrain,
and part of the bed (anyone want a whole bed?) may be spoken for already.
Anyone here want some bits before it hits eBay? In Eastern Mass in case you
want a big part. Green stuff (printed, not grown) is always good, as it almost
any kind of old junk in the world. Power equipment, lawn machines, tools,
militaria, computer hardware, electronics, you name it. I'm of varied
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I have a Duer 8HP chipper/shredder I would trade for the whole thing. I have a good 11 HP briggs I would trade for some parts. The compound and/or head stock I could use. I live in CT. I have an old SB 9" that any extra parts would be good. I also have the green stuff and much more stuff welding/boat engine stuff drop a line I could take a ride up to MA.
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Wayne Makowicki
I just bought a 9" SB at auction. We're planning on moving aboard our boat (site below) when we finish the rebuild and a 9" is a more convenient size than the 13" I've been using for years.
I need the cross slide nut and mounting bolt, as they are missing -- there's just an empty hole in the saddle. SB wants $65, so that sets an upper limit on how many greenies I'll spend. Face plates, three jaw (it came with a six), follower rest, would be good, also.
I'm in Milton, MA -- but that doesn't matter much.
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Jim Woodward
Ah, I looked at the site - but there's no lathe in any of the photos! :^)
Great ship, it looks like great fun, but a heck of a handful. As far as the crosslide nut, you *could* just make your own, they're pretty simple. Either single point it, or I think you can purchase a left-hand acme ten pitch tap.
I take it you have the crossfeed screw, and that this is not in bad shape?
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jim rozen
What shape is the bed in? Where are you? How Much....
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I could use the reverse bracket assembly, or at least the twin gears.
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Bill Browne

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