Pics of Interior of Metal Buildings

I'm looking for pictures of the interior of Metal buildings built with girt type frame members.

I want to get some ideas of how the electrical conduit was run for light switches and receptacles. I would also like some pictures of the mounting of shelves and cabinets.

If you have these pics or a website I would appreciate you sharing this with me.

Thanks, Ray

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I have no connection with the company but this may be helpful.

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Hum - my shop has both. Maybe I can describe.

In Corner A on the end side is the breaker box. Along both sides are 2 each side 10x10 doors. Along the front is also a walk in door. Then the other end.

From the breaker box, two flex type conduit drop down and attach to a 50 amp and 30 amp 220 sockets. From the top of the box comes several hard conduits that head for the high ground as they sweep across the front and back of the building. Mid side is a several feet wide wall. Down this wall is naturally a post and hard wire conduit. Power plug there. At the top is a junction box - that T's the conduit down and continuing across the front. It then comes down the side of the walk in for switches and then back up to the two over head lamp rows and outside for a lamp row. 3 switches. Continuing across the top and down the other side of the door is a power line - down in the corner and across the end. The other side is different in that the mid building is both a power plug and switch. The switch drives a wire set to the high over the door level mid room - likely for a planned fan or such. The power continues across the back side and drops into the 1/2 bath (no tub or shower - rats!) - and there two plugs - inside and outside of the small room are ground fault sockets. The dropping conduit also drives a power plug near the back 10x10 near the 1/2 bath.

The cabinets were somewhat easy for me - as over the 30' long 2x4 bench was two runs of 2x4's across the wall. In my case, the bench was just right - the shelves hog a little of the bench - but allow use. I put two each two door cabinets on either end. Used at least 4 long self drilling screws that went through the case, the 2x4 and then the metal C beam. So 4 in-metal through

2x4 bolts hold them up.

The Wide center is kept open for the drill press and other 'tall' work. As are the ends. I held off 3' from each end before starting in for 6' of shelving from each end.

I don't have an active web site - but can post some in the drop box if wanted. This was a professional designed and built building - I bought it afterwards.

The shop is being put together and has evolved some this week when I moved the metal lathe a foot towards the wood lathe (really a wide lane between.)

I have the wood stuff in one 'corner' metal in the other back half with the plasma and general life with storage and delivery area somewhat open. (second front door).


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