Sold a guy some advertising who sells ocean going containers. He has a LOT of squares he has cut out to install doors for people. IIRC, the door is

6'w x 7'h. Nice cuts, as they have to be pretty good for the door to fit. Anyway, I'm going up Tuesday and bring back all my trailer can handle. Use them for fencing, and roofing on my progressing compound area. Thought I would put up cedar posts and rails, then lag bolt them to the rails, then on the outside, mount a straight cedar post in every valley of the sheet, so that it basically looks almost like a cedar post fence from outside. Sturdy. Free. Can't beat that.


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Might have to use telephone poles with all of that weight.

Mart> Sold a guy some advertising who sells ocean going containers. He has a LOT

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Martin H. Eastburn

My thoughts, exactly. Chain link for example, is only suited to poles/posts because of it's light weight. Even poorly balanced wood fencing will lean in time, in many/most soil types.

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Excellent thinking outside the box


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Gunner Asch

On Sat, 6 Dec 2008 05:43:38 -0500, the infamous "Wild_Bill" scrawled the following:

"Poorly balanced" wood fencing is improperly installed. If it's imbalanced, it's _already_ leaning. ;)

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Larry Jaques

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