Sidewalk Sale finds

At a buck a book, how could I refuse?
The untitled one is "Machine Shop Operations" , American Technical
There was a 7 volume welding series and an OA welding book I may go
back for. Lots of old cast iron small mechanical stuff and some
interesting odds n ends.
Picked up a nice wood pantograph dated 1946 for 2 dollars. Started
raining so I couldn't look at everything really good today.
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If you dont want those..Ill buy em and pay book rate to get em here...
"Considering the events of recent years, the world has a long way to go to regain its credibility and reputation with the US." unknown
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The Metals Handbook series consisted of 7 volumes, but I only found 2: Machining, and Forging/Casting. I'm hoping I can find the volume on Forming.
One used book place on the internet is asking $35 for the Forging/Casting volume, so I didn't do too bad....
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When I got there the next morning, they were gone, except for the OA book. Written by Linde Air Products in 1938. Pretty good book, even shows building temporary brick furnaces and heating large castings with charcoal....
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