Welcome back Gunner

I'm basically a lurker here and seldom post but cannot help but to notice over
the years that when someone starts a thread downing Gunner there seems to be
quite a few people who join in for the kill. Now it looks like the vast
majority have the same respect for Gunner and his politics as I do and that his
detracters are really a minority. Kinds restores some of my faith in American
people. Welcome back Gunner
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Just beacuse you don't agree with a fact twisting reactionary does not mean you can't like him and be concerned for his welfare.
GMasterman wrote:
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Glenn Ashmore
One shouldn't draw conclusions about percentages based on counting Usenet posts. I bet that most people who disagree with Gunner don't bother to debate because of his "take no prisoners" style of responding. And there's at least one guy who's saving his comments for the day when Gunner admits that despite his get-out-of-jail-free wake-up call, that he's still a slave to the Dale Gribble Healthy Living Plan. :-)

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right on brother!
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Duck Dog
Most don't frequent r.c.m. (m.s.), so most folks aren't exposed to his...debating tactics.
Does gunner ever take off his hat? ;-)
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Duck Dog
And may God bless.
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Kent Frazier

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